Pepper Lee

Simply beautiful suit, jacket and coat fabrics

Pepper Lee bring you some of the world’s finest fabrics for you to order as cut-lengths and to be made into the garments you want by your own tailor.

Based in West Yorkshire, the birthplace of fine textiles, Pepper Lee have assembled from world leading mills a wide range of colours, designs, weights and compositions of suit cloth in superfine pure wool as well as finer suit fabrics blended with noble fibres such as mohair, cashmere and silk.

Supplied by the world renowned brands of William Halstead, John Foster and Charles Clayton this Pepper Lee website can cater for all your suit cloth requirements. These fabulous suit lengths are complemented with cashmere coating and jacketing fabrics from Joshua Ellis, one of the finest cashmere fabric mills in the world. Joshua Ellis have also provided us with a range of cashmere scarves and other accessories for you.

These fine fabrics, many chosen by the world’s finest luxury brands, are available direct to you wherever you are in the world. Pepper Lee will happily send your cloth to you so that you can wear a garment tailored from cloth manufactured in the world’s finest mills.

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