Do you have to pay VAT?

Payment of Value Added Tax (VAT) when purchasing from Pepper Lee

At Pepper Lee we are used to sending orders all over the world. With that comes a need for us to be able to charge you the right amount of tax as required by the UK government and the European Union.

Wherever possible we will complete the sale without charging you UK VAT, making the purchase cheaper for you. Our website is set up to intelligently deal with the removal of VAT from the transaction, based on the information you provide and in line with the VAT regulations.

The VAT adjustment may not be made until you start to checkout, but the final summary before we take payment will show whether you will pay VAT or not.

If you have any questions, or feel that our website has made a mistake, please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0) 1274 655900 or email [email protected]

The rules for which transactions attract VAT can be found on the website of Her Majesty’s Revenue & Customs. For simplicity we have summarised the rules here also:

Sales to the UK

Sales to individuals or companies within the UK are subject to VAT and we will charge that when you purchase. Companies registered for VAT can reclaim the VAT in line with their usual VAT arrangements.

Sales outside of the UK, but inside of the EU

On these sales we need to charge VAT unless you are registered for VAT. We can complete the transaction without charging VAT if you provide us with a VAT number, and this is verified against the EU database. We do this verification live at the website when you checkout, but can from time to time find the external system unreliable. This is a system outside of our control and we apologise if we are unable to verify your VAT number. We hope you will complete the transaction and claim the VAT back at a later date.

Sales outside of the EU

For sales to individuals or companies outside of the EU, VAT is not charged provided that goods are sent outside of the EU. Once again the VAT will be deducted off the transaction at checkout, once you have declared which country you are ordering from.