The Brands

William Halstead - Manufacturer of the best mohair in the world

Providing a quintessentially British classic look with clean crisp mohair fabrics.

If you love mohair you’ll know its value and resilience in looking fabulous time after time, year after year and Halstead quality is favoured by many of the world’s leading fashion houses.

William Halstead also stock a wide range of 100% wool suitings in classic British designs and weights.

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John Foster - Woven from a lasting legacy

John Foster cloths have been at the centre of world fashion since they won their first awards at the Great Exhibition of 1851.

Today John Foster continues to innovate and produce the fine suit cloths that made it world famous, sending fabric all over the world.

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Charles Clayton - Understated luxury using the finest fibres

If you are looking to wear the most luxurious and stylish fabrics then choose Charles Clayton. With subtle styling and by combining superfine wool with noble fibres such as silk, mohair and cashmere, Charles Clayton deliver a modern collection of fabrics in traditional constructions.

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Joshua Ellis - Handcrafted in Yorkshire, revered the world over

Joshua Ellis is recognised as one of the world’s finest weavers of cashmere fabric for coating, jacketing and accessories such as scarves, stoles, ruanas and throws.

Chosen by some of the world’s finest luxury brands such as Ralph Lauren, Hermes and Chanel for their garments, when you want the very height of luxury, only Joshua Ellis will do.

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